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Zombie Catchers MOD APK (much money) - a great game that will take you far into the future, in which the remnants of people are no longer afraid of zombies, but everything happens the other way around. You play as an excellent zombie hunter, and you have your own unique business, about which your customers are not even aware. Catch zombies and make them a variety of delicious drinks and desserts that people like so much. And a large number of tasks and types of zombies will not let you get bored. The most important thing is that you have to catch the zombies without causing him much harm. To do this, buy various traps and tranquilizers that will stop the zombies.
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April 5, 2020
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Zombie Catchers MOD APK – Cartoon arcade from Two Men and a Dog. The game tells us about the distant future where the unreal zombie apocalypse happened. On the planet far from the earth there are two cool businessmen who agreed to help earthlings get rid of zombies, and in return they plan to open their own business on earth. But in the distant future, zombies are very smart and agile creatures, and you have to work hard to get rid of them. And for businessmen from another planet to help you more willingly, it is necessary to build a cafe in territories cleared of zombies.

Zombie Catchers MOD APK for Android – the coolest action game in which gamers will be engaged in the sale of delicious lemonade. There is no end to customers, money flows in the river and it remains only to develop the business, and timely deliver the main and very secret ingredient for production. The need to keep your mouth shut about him is that this resource is zombies. They live in a distance from civilization, are smart and understand that it is better not to fall for two cunning businessmen. So players are waiting for an exciting hunt, during which you need not to miss and do not lose sight of the target. It would seem that the theme of the living dead bored gamers a lot, but in the string of monotypic and banal arcade games sometimes quite good examples also come across. The storyline of the toy unfolds in the distant future, the world is simply overflowing with bloodthirsty devourers of human flesh and not every city dweller manages to escape from them not infected.

Fortunately, however, several intergalactic financial tycoons wanted to create their own profitable business on the planet Earth infected with an unknown virus, in return offering the earthlings to destroy all the insatiable undead. But the merciful aliens have completely different plans for the walking dead, they are not going to kill them, uninvited guests intend to catch all the rotting zombie creatures for their own purposes. The fierce living dead do not want to give up without a fight, so the alien creatures have to use clever traps designed to catch angry zombies. When a certain part of the territories is cleansed of soulless cannibals, the aliens plan to build an extensive coffee house and start building snack bars, luxury restaurants, nightclubs and gambling establishments in order to get rich and live among people on this. If you liked this amazing adventure game, then advise your friends to download Zombie Catchers for android.

Zombie Catchers APK MOD – The whole plot of the toy develops somewhere in the distant future, the planet Earth is teeming with the whole surface of corpses walking from which there is no easy escape. But fortunately, a couple of intergalactic businessman decide to open their own business on Earth, and in return they offered to save mankind from these zombies. But humane aliens are not going to exterminate human brains at all, but simply want to catch them all. But insidious zombies do not think to give up, so our characters need to use dodgy traps to catch zombies. Zombie Catchers is an entertaining arcade game with a plot non-standard for zombie games. The protagonist of the story is the messenger of another planet AJ. With his friend, he decides to build a business to capture the living dead, who are teeming with planet Earth. The job is well paid, so the characters are smart and do this dangerous thing. The main task of the player is to find as many zombies as possible. For its implementation, it is necessary to use a variety of traps, such as nets, harpoons and other devices. For a successful hunt, you will also need a bait on which the living dead must peck. After capturing several instances, they need to be delivered to the base, where the zombies are processed into a variety of products, the sale of which the heroes earn. The money received can be spent on improving hunting tools.

As you move towards success, the characters will come across various types of the living dead – from harmless to armed to teeth. Also at some point storks, bats and crabs will appear that will try to interfere with the craft of alien businessmen, so you should be prepared for this turn of events. Zombie Catchers is a non-trivial game that ironizes over zombie-themed projects and will appeal to fans of unusual arcades. The time has come to hunt zombies! Keep the zombies! Get satisfaction from the work done and profit! Zombie Catchers is an adventure action game about a world overrun by zombies! The whole planet Earth is crowded to the eyeballs of this undead. But not everything is so bad: AJ and Bad, two alien businessmen, came up with the idea of ​​opening a shop on the surface of our planet. They intend to catch on the planet all the mutants for the sake of universal security … well, and in order to have a profit … Use the whole arsenal of devices and traps varied to track and catch zombies, and then squeeze profit out of them in your super secret laboratory!

No one likes zombies. Neither humans nor animals. Even aliens have even opened a hunt for them. The hero of the game to play for, took out his grandfather’s harpoon and went in search of the running dead. Help him do this by running on platforms and firing a shotgun. The more you catch zombies, the more points you earn, and these are additional types of weapons, improvements and a lot of bonuses.


  • It looks like a normal platformer with unusual gameplay
  • Great graphics, sounds and controls
  • A lot of interesting gadgets and fishing equipment
  • The opportunity to improve the city

Features Of The Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Money


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